How To Upload Your DNA And Access Your Reports

Your DNA is incredible, and we’re excited to show you how you can use your existing DNA test results to unlock powerful personalized health insights and recommendations that are tailored just for you. 

With LifeDNA, you can instantly generate your reports if you’ve already done a DNA test in the past. There’s no need to take a DNA test again. 

How To Unlock Additional DNA Insights Using Your Raw Data

But before anything else, it is important to understand that LifeDNA’s system is currently compatible with DNA test companies such as 23andMe, Ancestry, MyHeritage, Living DNA, and Family Tree DNA only

Another key thing to keep in mind is that LifeDNA is not associated with these DNA testing companies.

This means you’ll have to download your raw data from your existing account and upload it to your system to generate your reports. 

Read on to see how easy it is to upload your DNA in order to begin your journey on personalized wellness.  

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Easy Steps On How To Upload Your DNA Into The System

  1. If you already have your raw data with you, log in your LifeDNA account and upload it to our system. 
  1. Your DNA will then be analyzed with our unique bioinformatics algorithm to make sure that your results are accurate based on the latest genetic research. 
  1. This should only take a few minutes. As soon as the analysis is complete, you’ll have immediate access to your DNA personalized reports. 

If you have trouble downloading and uploading your DNA on your mobile device, please try it from a regular computer.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected] and our Support Team would be happy to assist you. 

How LifeDNA Protects Your DNA Information

First, make sure that your raw data is already downloaded to your mobile device or computer. 

If you haven’t done that yet, please sign in to the site where you had your DNA test and download your raw data. 

Some companies might give you a warning against sharing your DNA with other testing sites. 

Your DNA information is vital. It is indeed important that you go for companies that you can trust and that can protect your data. 

At LifeDNA, we take privacy and security extremely seriously. From the moment you upload your data, you’re in complete control of your information

We don’t sell our customers’ data, and we never share anything without your permission. On top of that, you can request to have your DNA data deleted at any time.